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I’ve been wanting to “clean up” the cleaning products in my house, but it seemed like all the “green” cleaning products out there were even more expensive than the chemical ones. I know that the environment should be top priority but cost can be a huge factor when your income isn’t what it could be. […]

Composting fun!


Well tomorrow I’m really “digging” into the garden with both hands. I’ve decided I’m going to replant an artichoke plant I have, get my tire planters set up, and clear out space for and start my compost pile. This I am VERY excited about, partly for the wonderful addition to my soil and partly because […]

Okay so I am going to make a couple posts today because I have a few things to post on and I’ll be able to better explain it all one at a time. Chemical free beauty- To give a little background for this post, let me explain that I have horrid allergies to lots of […]

Well my family and I have been discussing for some time now, the idea of putting a garden in our relatively small back yard.  The biggest problem has been we need containers because we live about twelve feet from a built up man made logging pond, so our back yard is filled with very large […]