Garden Plans and Moving


Well last spring I spent weeks and weeks preparing my garden before I even got close to being ready for planting. I spent most of the summer building a rock wall to help support my garden beds, completely tearing up and reseeding my lawn, putting in a pond for my ducks, painting vintage lawn furniture, pressure washing decks and windows, and all the other exciting home prepping stuff. I did this in the firm belief that we’d be living in this home for years to come, but in light of recent events, I will be moving soon.

I’m having a rough time deciding if I even feel like planting this year since I am not even sure when I’ll be moving. I’m still tending all of my plants that are already going (garlic, onions, strawberries, artichokes, and a lettuce patch) but beyond the dill I planted today, I’m just not sure I want to go through all of the effort to pick up and transplant an entire veggie garden in the midst of the growing season.  I already am going to have a ton to move with all of my mother’s potted plants and her roses which are very established and need to be dug up  dealt with. Maybe I’m just lazy but I’m guessing that if I did go through all the effort a good portion of my plants would still die, I guess I’d best make up my mind pretty damn soon.


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