Garden Update


Been quite a while but I thought I’d hop on here and post a bit about how the garden is working:

So far in the ground I have corn, peas, snow peas, and crook neck squash, and everything but the squash is coming up! I also have some dill, cilantro, spinach, and lettuce started in planters, and those will be going in soon. I’m also going to be getting two Running Duck hens soon to keep my garden slug free. Until then I’m using a combo hit that is at least keeping my garden from getting wiped out.

1. At night I head out with a flashlight and a plastic container with hot water about 1/4 cup of vinegar, and a few squirts of dish soap. I check all their favorite plants and under some plastic containers and orange peels or melon rinds I put near by and in the grass during the day. Any I spot I drop in my soapy vinegar mix.

2. Slug traps: I use eight of these scattered near my plants the slugs like most. Take plastic bottles (1 or 2 liter works best) and cut the tops off to make a funnel, dispose of the lids but neither bottle piece. Use dog or cat food to barely cover the bottoms of the bottles. Now obtain one can of beer (the cheapest you can find) and pour it into the bottles equally not quite covering your animal food. I also add a tiny bit of yeast to my traps but not everyone has this on hand at all times. Now, take your funnels and put them back on the bottles, but upside down, so your funnel points into the bottle and attach with duct tape. Lay these on their sides near your plants and check in the morning. If you find any slugs, pull off tape remove the slugs and drop them into some salt water or soapy, vinegar water.

3. Use pie pans and set them up to the brim in the dirt, pour in beer dog or cat food and a bit of yeast, pull out slugs in the morning. These traps are not quite as effective as sometimes the slugs can get out, unlike the plastic bottle traps, BUT they are much less effort to assemble.

In other news, here are some before and after shots of my garden the “after” pictures are actually a few weeks ago before anything actually went in the ground so I’ll try to toss up some current ones tomorrow. Note: my lovely man is featured, doing the hard labor for me.


2 Responses to “Garden Update”

  1. I don’t have a problem with slugs up here but deer on the other hand….they even eat pumpkin plants pokeys and all.

    • A few deer solutions:
      2 eggs
      2cloves of garlic
      2 tbsp. of hot sauce
      2tbsp of cayenne pepper
      2 cups of water

      stick all of that in a blender and then let it sit around for two days, apply it to your plants with a spray bottle or our it on or you could use a brush.

      Human hair clippings scattered on the ground helps scare them off Blood meal will do the same thing and both give your plants a little mineral boost.
      Also hanging super smelly soap around deer face level will help.

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