Chemical Free Beauty


Okay so I am going to make a couple posts today because I have a few things to post on and I’ll be able to better explain it all one at a time.

Chemical free beauty-

To give a little background for this post, let me explain that I have horrid allergies to lots of things. Mostly, fragrances, dyes, and all sorts of other things that are used to make those wonderful beauty products that so many of us love. I’ve had awful experiences with lotions, makeups, hair removers, perfumes, shampoos and a multitude of other things that most everyone uses. (And pineapple but that’s beside the point, I suppose.) Also my husband and I have recently decided that its about time in life to start with the baby making. So I decided between paying obscene amounts of money for hypo-allergenic products and wanting to limit all chemicals entering my body to prepare for pregnancy, that there had to be a better way. And guess what? There is!!

Baking soda shampoo?

For the last four months or so, I’ve been using baking soda to clean my hair and apple cider vinegar to condition. Yep, No ‘poo is the way for me. The basic idea is that the chemicals used in shampoo, in addition to being not so good for you, also strip oils from your hair that actually help keep your hair clean and strong. I wash my hair with the backing soda once sometimes twice a week and rinse it and scrub my scalp everyday. I find I only need the vinegar about once a month.

How to go No Poo.

The only difference I see between this and what I do is the conditioner, I used apple cider vinegar instead of white and I also added some honey and a tiny bit of raspberry essential oil. Works WONDERS!

Olive oil wonder solution

The other thing I have been using is olive oil. Not on my hair but for just about everything else. Being allergic to most shave gels and creams and being very susceptible to razor burn, I’ve had a hard time with keeping smooth sexy legs. My solution? Olive oil and brown sugar. Crazy I know but the key to limiting razor burn is to exfoliate your legs before shaving and the best way for me, is to fill up a nice hot bath and soak and read a book for 5 or ten minutes, then take my tupperware container of olive oil and brown sugar and scrub my legs with it for a minute or two. This helps get rid of all that dead skin, so no ingrown hairs. Now, dunk my legs back in the tub and the sugar dissolves in the warm water and the oil stays on your legs, and works as a lubricant for your razor. After getting out of the tub I use the tiniest bit of olive oil to rub into my legs before I dry off and I have wonderfully smooth, moisturized, happy, not itchy legs!!!

The same olive oil/brown sugar mix, I also use to exfoliate my lips before putting anything like lipstick on them so I don’t wind up with any little skin flappy things in my wonderful red lipstick. And any time my lips start feeling a little dry I use a dab of olive oil and moisturize them. I’ll often put the oil on as I’m putting the rest of my makeup on so that by the time I put on that harsh, drying lipstick my lips have soaked up tons of moisture.

You can also wash your face with olive oil!! The oil actually binds with the oils on your face because of how similar they are on the molecular level, and when you take it off it takes all that nasty stuff with it and leaves your face nice and fresh and surprisingly not oily.  Take a tablespoon or two of olive oil in a small dish and pull your hair back or put in a head band, and rub it all over your face. ( I usually do this while I’m in the tub, getting ready to shave my legs.) Now take a cloth get it wet with some very warm water, (like your bath should be) , wring it out and place it over your oil-covered face. I leave this on for 5-10 minutes and I re wet it every couple minutes so that the heat stays constant and keeps helping to open my pores. After you’ve let it sit, use that same cloth to wipe all the oil off and wonder at your results!!


2 Responses to “Chemical Free Beauty”

  1. Try coconut oil as well! i find it even better, plus it smells amazing!

  2. I will try that, thanks!

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